Tower Records.
Walden Books.
Sam Goody.
Always Fits.

Not all beloved things get to last forever.

Always Fits has closed its electronic doors. We do not leave behind customers, we leave behind 560,244 friends, and we wish we could say goodbye to each one of you personally.

Each year, I close my holiday letter to our customers the same way, and since I will not be with you this holiday season, please indulge me now. I wish for you a life that is as magical as twinkling lights, as cozy as hot cocoa and as special as the memories you’ve shared with us.

With love and gratitude,
(Head Gal, Always Fits) 

We’re so glad you found us. We were a unique shop founded in 2010, full of super cute things meant to make you smile, feel good, and create memories with every gift. The kind you never knew you wanted but will always love.

Our collection was a little all over the place but never random—it was heartfelt and frank, sweet and sweary. Sometimes we got nostalgic because we're modern gals with old souls.

When we were in business (2010-2023) this site was a robust e-commerce store on the Shopify platform with thousands of products, a kickass app, a seamless checkout, and every functionality our customers could ever asked for over the years. What you see here today, at Always Fits Forever, is a memorial to the good times.  

Based just north of Boston, Always Fits was born in 2010, but I have been curating treasures since the 80s and 90s.

As a kid, my most prized possession was my folder of clippings from my mom’s magazines.

This shop was those clipped and colorful dreams...all grown up for your gift-giving glee!

I’ve shared my favorite things in handwritten notes (folded to perfection, of course!) or in AIM away messages (RIP screen names “Fleur27” and “LoveAlwaysAshley”!), and it was a joy to share them in this shop.

Ashley was a gift shop for people of a certain charm. We loved to evoke giggles and private jokes. We were known for sometimes saying bad words. We crushed hard on the 80’s, 90’s and 00's.

Honestly, we were just trying to make gift-giving fun.

Always Fits has been mentioned in the national press nearly 1,000 times over the years. These are some of the highlights!